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About Us

Promoting Piping to the public at large

SPED and the SPED Foundation


In today’s rapidly changing world, there is frequently a need to upgrade worker skills for employment as piping engineers and designers. The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) and the SPED Piping Design Foundation (SPED Foundation) serve that need with several unique programs. The programs are based on SPED Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification Program, a four level program documenting designer skills through testing and experience.

SPED is a 501(c)6 organization, a non-profit existing for the benefit of its members. The SPED Piping Design Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, benefiting the public at large. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible for most taxpayers.

Differences in Focus

SPED will continue the training and credentialling of members who wish to advance their careers and earning power. The SPED Foundation will facilitate growth of the general workforce to SPED PPD Standards by enhancing educational program development for students and fresh graduates and bootstrapping transition and upskilling. The SPED Foundation can accept grants and donations to fund these important outreach needs.

SPED’s programs will include:

  • SPED PPD Certification Level Criteria and Certification Requirements.
  • PPD Testing and Certification.
  • Individual and Corporate Training Courses and Curriculum.
  • Promotion of the PPD Certification Recognition and Accreditation.

SPED Foundation’s programs will include:

  • Promotion of the Piping Profession at large.
  • Enhancement of training programs to prepare qualified pipers.
  • Bootstrap transition and upskilling programs for workforce expansion.
  • Support local content workforce growth in the resource-rich developing world.

Many university programs need start-up support for training to faculty and local graduates. Special attention will be given to countries requiring local content of engineering services. Corporate donations are needed for these initiatives.